Who We Are

Speech, language and voice private practice

The Speech and Voice Experience, is the premier speech, language and voice private practice in the Washington DC area. We are proud to have had a positive impact in the lives of tens of thousands of clients and their families for over thirty years. We stand ready to serve your family too.

Our Mission


Communication defines us as human beings. A struggle to communicate, in whatever form, can hold back your or your child’s potential. As licensed and certified speech-language pathologists, we help you maximize that potential.

Lasting Change

Lasting change in communication behaviors begins with a relationship, a relationship between your family and your therapist. We take pains to not only match your family with the ideal therapist, but to nurture and support that relationship through the therapy journey.



Peace of Mind

We also provide peace of mind. You can rest assured that your Speech and Voice Experience therapist is passionate helper of people, trained in your or your child’s primary deficit area, well versed in the latest research in the field and equipped with all necessary technology and resources.



Early intervention, consistent therapy, and real-life practice are critical for our patients to achieve their therapeutic goals. We are by your side for every step of the therapy process, from intake to discharge. Call us today to see how when can help your family.